Easily and intuitively create your own e-learnings

Transform your training content into engaging e-learnings! With our authoring tool, you can do that effortlessly.

Design interactive and engaging learning content according to your needs

No programming skills required

It has never been easier to create high-quality e-learnings and impart knowledge. With our authoring tool, training course creation becomes an easy and quick task. Place elements in the right position during the creation of e-learnings using drag & drop.

Create knowledge assessments to ensure learning success

Test your employees' knowledge

To solidify newly acquired knowledge, you can easily create small tests in our authoring tool. This way, your employees can effortlessly check whether they have understood your learning content and can apply it in practice.

Your toolkit in the editor tool

Text, Text & Image

These widgets form the basis of your learning content.

Image, Image Gallery

Pictures lighten up your e-learning and facilitate reading flow.


You can choose from a wide range of icons to incorporate into your e-learning.


Simply integrate videos into your e-learnings.


Audio files and podcast contributions support your employees in learning.


You have the option to embed external content via iFrame.


Provide materials to your employees via download.

Accordion, Map, Flip Card

Support the learning success of your employees through our interactive elements.

Use the learning platform of the future.

Effective training and further education

Our platform enables you to efficiently and effectively train your employees, for instance, to quickly integrate new employees into the company culture.

Flexible learning

With our e-learnings, employees have the opportunity to choose their learning content and the timing of their learning themselves. This promotes individual, needs-based further education that can be easily integrated into everyday working life.

Cost efficiency

A learning platform like skillsforwork significantly reduces training and further education costs. It saves costs for travel, printed materials and trainer fees, as many training courses can be conducted online.

Central management of learning content

skillsforwork offers a central platform for managing and delivering learning content. Your company can easily update training materials and make them accessible to different target groups.

Take your employees' skills to the next level!