Discover your command centre

Create training courses and easily keep track of your employees’ learning progress.

The admin area of skillsforwork offers you the following:

The diverse functions of our platform help you to keep track.

Simple employee management

Quick implementation

With just a few clicks, you can set up training groups and schedules.

Easy assignment

Simply specify which employee should be trained on each topic.

Automatic notifications

Once the training date is set, the software automatically sends reminders of the deadline.

Documentation directly within the system

Fulfil documentation requirements effortlessly

All training courses are stored, documented, and accessible at any time within the system.

Certificates automatically issued

Our software automatically sends participants certificates within the system.

Smart location management

skillsforwork allows you to centrally manage employees from multiple locations and coordinate training courses.

Compact dashboards

skillsforwork makes it easier for you to monitor the learning progress and performance of your employees. This way, you can measure the success of training programmes and make targeted improvements.

Use the learning platform of the future

Everything at a glance

View all training courses at a glance on the dashboard. Explore the current status of training courses at the employee or group level.

Professionally curated content

Professional videos and interactive e-learnings promote attentive listening and sustainable learning.

Your own academy for your employees

Inspire with a modern learning environment in your corporate branding. It's versatile: from easy access on all devices to the ability to create accounts for employees without email addresses.

Verified training course materials

Choose from ready-made courses for on-site training, live online training or e-learning modules.

Take your employees' skills to the next level!