Health and Safety Training Made Easy!

Your all-in-one platform for organising, scheduling and monitoring employee training across all core H&S topics – taking the stress and time out of this daunting task.

Verified health & safety training materials

For your next training event, choose from ready-made courses for a face-to-face or online event, or an e-learning module. Use our tips & tricks for successful face-to-face training to engage your employees. Already have your own training materials? No problem! Upload them to our platform and make them available to your employees.

Occupational health & safety employee training

Occupational safety is a critical area for all organisations. Employee safety and wellbeing should be a top priority and training is crucial. Our software provides comprehensive training on core health & safety topics to ensure that you comply with your legal requirements and protect your employees.

Create your own custom e-learnings

With our software, you have the ability to create your own e-learnings. This offers several advantages:

Tailored training content

With our software, you can create courses that are tailored to the needs of your company. This makes the content more relevant for your employees.

Flexibility and scalability

You can plan and update training courses flexibly when requirements change. Our software enables scalable and efficient training, regardless of company size.

Time and cost efficiency

By being able to create your own courses with our software, you reduce costs for external training providers while at the same time, increasing the quality of the training courses.

Tracking and analysis

With our software, you maintain full control over the learning progress and can track the success of the training courses.

skillsforwork | TeachToProtect offers you trusted content

skillsforwork | TeachToProtect was developed with experts from the field for the field. Here’s an overview of the main topics:

Health & Safety

Workplace safety

Employees need to be informed about the risks and safety measures in their workplace to prevent accidents.

Safeguarding health

Training courses on how employees can ensure they remain both physically and mentally healthy.

Fire safety and emergency measures

Employees should know how to behave in emergency situations to ensure their safety and that of their colleagues.

Do you want to train your employees effectively?

Your benefits

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Professional videos

Modern and up-to-date training videos to get your health & safety message across.

Clear dashboards

Compact dashboards at the employee or group level make management easier: For example, at the group level, see which employees have already completed the assigned training courses and which are still pending.


With skillsforwork | TeachToProtect, you easily manage all your documentation. All training courses are saved and documented in the system and are available at any time.

No installation required

Simply start in the browser! No installation is required.

Training materials

We offer core training course materials and e-learnings that are reviewed, approved, and continuously updated by our experts to ensure they are up to date.

Custom your training materials

Do you have the perfect presentation for a specific topic? Then simply upload it to the platform and schedule your training courses and briefings directly using your own files.